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Displaying Links in GWT FlexTables

Lately I’ve been working on displaying links inside of tables in GWT applications. The situation is this. You have a table of information you want  to display. Each row corresponds to a row in a database table. You want to … Continue reading

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Going with Google Code

In my last post, I talked about two different frameworks for MVP that I was studying. Which one should I use for my work? Well, I really want to use the GWT-Presenter framework. I just have not been able to … Continue reading

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How to do MVP

I have found a couple of great examples of using the Model-View-Presenter pattern with GWT (Google Web Toolkit). Large Scale Application Development and MVP – posted in the Google code website. It has a good example of a Contact application. … Continue reading

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GWT Best Practices

Like many people, I have been inspired by the talk given by Ray Ryan on “Best Practices for Architecting Your GWT App”. If you prefer reading to listening, check out the slides and transcripts of the talk.

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