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My Dashboard User Interface On Android Tablets

One of the most popular articles on this blog has been the one on the dashboard user interface pattern: How To Build A Dashboard User Interface In Android. It presents what I hope is an easy to understand explanation of all the different pieces that go into a dashboard on Android. It was done with phones in mind. Recently, I wrote up what I described as a “pretty good solution for tablets”, but I am not very happy with that result. It does not do a good enough job at supporting the larger screens. It was meant to be a temporary fix, just to get me to tablets quickly. In this note, I present a better solution. It changes the home page so it looks much better on tablets. Continue reading

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Adapting My Android Dashboard UI To Tablets

If you are looking for a quick way to adapt your Android mobile phone app to a tablet, this post might save you a lot of time. I was facing that challenge about a month ago as I was nearing the release of my first Android app. I came up with a solution that gets you onto tablets in a couple of hours rather than a couple of days.

This post is a follow up to “How To Build An Dashboard User Interface In Android”.
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Tridroid Presentation on Building an Android Dashboard UI

I prepared a presentation for the local Android Meetup group. In the presentation I explained and elaborated on my March 2011 blog article: “How to Build a Dashboard User Interface in Android”. A link is provided to the full presentation. Continue reading

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Android Dashboard Examples

I started looking around for Android dashboard examples and found quite a few. I used a Google search for images: android dashboard screenshot. One thing I found interesting was the format of the search results. I had not seen this … Continue reading

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How To Build A Dashboard User Interface In Android

I have been thinking about user interfaces in Android lately. I decided to build a small demo app that illustrates the Dashboard user interface pattern. Continue reading

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