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Splash Screen Demo With Sound

I did a little experiment to see if I could add sound to my splash screen demo. I never had done anything with sound in Android but had wanted to try it out for quite some time. It turns out that it was very easy to do. The demo app looks exactly like the previous Splash Screen demo. The only difference is that it nows plays sounds. It plays two distinct sounds. The first is for the splash image. The second is for the main screen. The second sound plays when the main activity starts and at each time you reorient your Android device. Here’s what I did: … Continue reading

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Splash Screen Demo App for Android

Recently I wrote a blog article on splash screens for Android apps. I didn’t take the time then to build a simple demo app with source code so I’m doing so now. I took the basic Hello world Android app and added a splash screen. The splash screen stays visible for about 5 seconds and then switches to the Hello activity.

Full source code is provided as an Eclipse project. Continue reading

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Good Articles About Android Splash Screens

I am getting close to finishing my first Android app. One of the things I still had to do was a splash screen for the app. It didn’t take me long to do, thanks to two useful articles I found: “Advanced Splash Screen for Android App” and “Android Splash Screens Done Right”. Continue reading

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