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Something to try for slow startup times in the Android emulator

I came across a tip related to use of the Android emulator that I thought was worth sharing. Ed Burnette posted on Google+ his theory on slow start up times for the emulator. He suggests that we should keep the emulator in the foreground and not switch to another window once we start a device running.

I have often experienced very slow startup times for the Android emulator. Times seem to vary wildly for me. For the same device and the same app, I see significant differences. For the past week or so, I have been allowing the emulator to finish before I click into another window. It does seem to be a bit faster and it seems to finish almost every time now. Give it a try and see what you think.

For another tip about the Android emulator, see my recent post: What to do when your Android emulator will not start. It covers the situation where the emulator does indeed start, but it does not appear in the Android Device Chooser window in Eclipse. Continue reading

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What to do when your Android Emulator will not start from Eclipse

I do Android development work using Eclipse. I work on a MacBook. Like many people doing Android development in Eclipse, I often start an application to run in the Emulator and then see nothing happen. Everything starts out fine. You receive the first few reassuring messages in the console window and then nothing.

The figures below show where it gets stuck. You start with something like Figure 1 and you get stuck with something like Figure 2. What I used to do is keep starting new devices until I get one that starts up correctly. Occasionally, I would restart all of Eclipse. Lately, I have found something that gets Eclipse properly connected to the emulator. I start a Terminal app on my Mac and reset the adb server. (I assume that using a command window in Windows 7 will also work.) That gets Eclipse, the Android Device Chooser, and Adb back in sync.
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How to Export and Import Android Virtual Devices

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been testing my Android app on different devices. That work is going well. In this note, I’d like to share a couple of things that came out as side effects of that work, including:
– How to move Android virtual device (AVD) files from an Android Emulator to another machine.
– A set of AVD definitions that I found useful in checking an app on different screen sizes and screen densities.

Knowing how to move AVD files is important for a couple of reasons: (a) if you ever switch machines or do a complete reinstall of your Android environment, it would be good if you could reuse old device definitions rather than having to recreate them; (b) If you are working on a team, it saves a lot of time if there is a shared set of devices that everyone in the team is testing against.
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