Reimagined Space Game for iOS and Android

Double Star II is a fast-paced, turn-based space adventure game. The game is the reimagined version of classic trek games from the 1980’s.

Your role: Command a starship and save the galaxy.

I have been working on the Double Star game for several years now. I recently finished a complete rewrite of the game for Android, and just last week I released a version of the game for iOS. So all of you starship captains out there with iPhones and iPads can play now.

App Store:
Google Play:


Super Star Trek Port


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Double Star on the App Store

Alien starships in Double Star. Released today on the App Store: 

More information here: Double Star – iOS.


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Alien Starships in Double Star II

The aliens upgraded their starships. Yikes!

Shown in this Double Star II screenshot are one alien Commander starship and three of their smaller K starships.

Saving the galaxy just got a little more difficult … and prettier.


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The Notch and Double Star II

If you have a new phone with a display inset (aka notch) or rounded corners, the starship status panels on the left and right of the Double Star play screen might be clipped.

If you are seeing clipping on your device, use the Layout screen to adjust margins so that you can see everything. The Layout screen is accessed from the Settings screen.

Try the game

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Plotting a Course in Double Star II

This is what plotting a course looks like in the new one-touch movement system in Double Star II.  Look for it in version 1.1, which is being released this week.

Follow the link to see an animation of plotting a course:  Double Star on Tumblr.

For more information, see Double Star on or Double Star on Google Play.

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Experimenting with One Touch Movement in Double Star II

The image is a preview of the new “one touch” move in Double Star II.

Double Star is a turn-based space strategy game. You make moves and then the enemy makes moves. Sometimes the enemy is far away and invisible, beyond your scanner range. In that situation, you will want to move quickly from one quadrant to the next.

With a turn-based game the design challenge is to come up with a way to make moves quickly while still allowing the player time to reflect on his or her actions for that turn before committing to the action.

Click here for more: animation of one-touch movement.)

In the released version of the Double Star, there is time to reflect but it’s not easy to make a series of moves quickly. Why? There are three touches to move your ship: (1) touch the MOVE button; (2) touch a square on the screen; (3) touch the CONFIRM button. Moving across the galaxy takes a lot of touches.

I am experimenting with a “one touch” movement system. It allows you, within the turn-based framework of the game, to move more easily. That’s what the animation shows. With the new system, you press and hold while you set the course. The course is projected onto your view screen as long as you hold your finger down. Lift up your finger and your ship follows the course.

If the course preview is shown in red, it means that the course is blocked by something in space. It could be a star, a planet, an enemy starship, or even a blackhole. The last one is the most dangerous. If you enter a blackhole, your ship will be destroyed.

There is still more work to be done to complete the one-touch movement system. Look for the new movement system in January.

To try the game with old style movement, check Google Play:


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Early Access iPhone Release of Double Star II

The Double Star II game is headed to the App Store. If you have an iPhone and want to be part of early access testing, contact me at

More on Double Star:

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Double Star II – Check the Chart

Problems with the Double Star Chart View
The chart screen shows what the computer knows about the quadrants you have visited. Red dots indicate enemy ships; white dots, stars. It is a great help to you. It gives you a picture of where you might want to go next to destroy the invaders.

Occasionally, you may see this kind of behavior in the game. You move from quadrant to quadrant and then you go to the Chart screen and discover that it has not been updating. Your ship is in quadrant and everything around it is still marked unknown. That’s what this picture shows. Our ship is in quadrant 2-3, the one that is highlighted with the blue rectangle. The question marks (?) indicate quadrants for which we have no information yet.

I have seen this several times myself. Every time I am convinced there is a problem, I look more closely at the state of the ship and discover that the long range scanners are damaged. (Long-range scan is what shows beyond the weapons range.) If those scanners are damaged, they cannot provide reliable and useful information to the computer, and thus, no information gets into the chart until the scanners are fixed.

So if you see something like this, check your ship damage report. You will find that your long-range scanners are damaged.

Improvements Coming
So there is an explanation for the situation depicted in the picture. Still, something should be changed.

(1) If the scanners are damaged and the chart is not up to date, there ought to be an indication of that on the Chart screen. All other error conditions are displayed to you. Why not this one?

(2) There are two kinds of scanners on the ship: short-range and long-range. If the long-range scanners are damaged but the short-range ones are still good, the computer ought to be able to record some information as the ship moves from quadrant to quadrant. After all, you saw it on the screen while you were moving. The computer needs to do better.

Play Double Star II

To play the Double Star game, go here:  Double Star II on Google Play.


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