New Game Under Development: Wing Leader

I have been working on a new game this year. It’s a race game for Android. Not cars … bees.

The game is called “Wing Leader”. Your bee races against another bee. It’s a race to see who can get to the hive fastest.

Actually, there is more to a race than just moving fast. You have to pick up nectar along the way. The hive expects nectar so honey can be made. So while you are speeding along, you stop at flowers to pick up nectar. The winner of the race is the bee with the best finish time, after adding in penalty time in case you show up without the required ten units of nectar.

Here’s a screenshot to show you how scoring works. Notice that your bee could win even though it had a slower finish time. That’s because the pink bee came in without a full load of nectar.

Wing Leader is a bit different than other racing games because of the penalty time.

And then there are leaderboards …

Best Bee In The World

On the screen, you are racing against an AI bee, but really you are competing against all the other bees in the world. Your goal is to be the fastest bee in the world.

Leaderboards in Wing Leader show who has the fastest times on each of the four courses. What you will want to do is put in a good time on all four courses.

In this way, Wing Leader is a bit like some of the Olympic skiing events where there is a combined score of two or more different events to determine the winner. In Wing Leader, the overall title “Wing Leader” is for the bee with best average score across all four courses.

Each time you play, you see where you stand on each of the courses and for the overall title of “Wing Leader”.

More Information

Links for  more information:

If you would like to try the early access version of the game, it’s already on Google Play.


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Article About Why You Should Play Games

I found an interesting article on the NPR website: Why You Should Play Video Games.

Horizon: Zero Dawn sounds like the kind of game a friend of mine was talking about making: exploring, seeing interesting things, solving puzzles, fighting battles, and enough story to tie it all together.

I love the line: “All that matters is the enjoyment of the doing”. That’s something for all game designers to aspire to.

I hope you enjoy the article.


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Top 40 Android Developer Blogs

Feedspot, a useful website if you are trying to keep up with news and content on multiple web sites, just recently came out with its list of the Top 40 Android Developer Blogs. I am pleased to see that this website,, has been included in the top 40.

I started this blog back in 2010 so I’d have a place where I could write about what I was learning about Android. It’s been a lot of fun and the end result is a long list of tutorials and articles. See the Android Tutorials and the Android Tutorials By Topic pages for links to those pages.

And be sure to check out the other developer blogs on the Top 40.


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Interesting Gacha

Interesting note on Gamasutra about “gacha”:

See  Gamasutra note on Gacha.


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Game Design Information from Amy Jo Kim

I found what looks like a good source for game information. It’s from Amy Jo Kim. See

There are many good talks by Amy Jo Kim on Youtube.  A few of my favorites follow. There are quite a few references to gamification, but what I really have enjoyed is learning about building compelling experiences and community.

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New Trailer Video for Double Star Game

I have a new trailer video for my Double Star game. Double Star is a turn-based, single player, space war game. Take a look.

Comments on the trailer and the game are welcome.

Double Star is available on Google Play. Click here to read about it and install.

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Winners from Google Play Indie Games Festival

Game designers, you might get some ideas for games and techniques here: Google Play Indie Games Festival.


It’s interesting that most things you think about turn into games. Not two months ago, I was thinking about orbits and gravity after reading a sci-fi book. The book was Seven Eves by Neal Stephenson. One of the apps winners was a puzzle game about orbits.

I will definitely be trying the Orbit game.

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