Abstract Strategy Game in Development

I have a simple abstract strategy game in development. It is bit more abstract now. Foxes are gone, replaced by boxes. Watch out, rabbits! You are next.

I made some progress on the game description. I changed the game one-liner to read like this:

A fun, little strategy game with dots … but then the Thump monsters join in. Uh-oh!

Not final, not perfect, but I feel like I’ve made progress from a couple of weeks ago when I could not come close to describing the game.

I got inspired to work on the description after reading and listening to this video: “Indie Game Marketing Tips With Failbetter’s Hannah Flynn” (see https://gdconf.com/news/indie-game-marketing-tips-failbetters-hannah-flynn-gdc-podcast-ep-5?elq_mid=94576&elq_cid=28019260)

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Prototype of Another Game

My Lifeforms game has evolved. It is now a game where creatures (rabbits so far) jump on dots.

Much work remains on whatever this game turns into. The rabbits will go as the game gets more abstract. 

As for the Lifeforms game, it is on hold at the moment.


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First Test of an AI Player in Lifeforms

This prototype of the Lifeforms game is a two player game with my very first AI player. It is me versus an AI player. The AI player is blue. I am red.

All moves in this experimental game are flip moves. On a flip, an empty cell becomes a live cell or a live cell dies. Once a player is done moving, the game is then advanced one Life generation, and it is the other player’s turn.

This initial AI player is very basic. It knows how to examine the board and find flip moves that will create the biggest change in the overall score. So, not very smart, but it is good to have a framework in place for testing AI players.

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Progress on a Two Player Game of Life

I am making progress on a two player game based on Conway’s Game of Life. In this prototype, players have a certain number of cells they may add on a turn. Players try to place cells to increase their cell count and decrease their opponent’s count. A player adds new cells and then the game advances one generation of Life.

The player scores are shown on the bottom right of the screen. How many cells each player can add is shown on the bottom left. The new cell allotment increases by 1 every other turn.

This demo shows two human players. It is time to work on the AI players and see how challenging the game can be.

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A Test of One Game Idea for LifeForms

A test of one game idea for Lifeforms. Players secretly add cells to a life board.

The winner is the player with the most cells left after fifty generations. More work is needed. Outcomes feel too random.

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Lifeforms Prototype 4

Experimenting with Lifeforms game, a two player game based on Conway’s Game of Life.

Players secretly add cells to an initial configuration. The Preview shows four Life generations ahead. When you are happy with your new cells, you touch the Continue button.

The new cells are added and the battle for survival begins.

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Starting Work on Lifeforms

I am starting work on my two player Life game: Lifeforms. Given an initial position, players place lifeforms and see which cells dominate after N generations.

This image is the splash screen during development.

The game is based on Conway’s Game of Life. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conway%27s_Game_of_Life .


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Research on a Two Player Version of Life

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