A Test of One Game Idea for LifeForms

A test of one game idea for Lifeforms. Players secretly add cells to a life board.

The winner is the player with the most cells left after fifty generations. More work is needed. Outcomes feel too random.

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Lifeforms Prototype 4

Experimenting with Lifeforms game, a two player game based on Conway’s Game of Life.

Players secretly add cells to an initial configuration. The Preview shows four Life generations ahead. When you are happy with your new cells, you touch the Continue button.

The new cells are added and the battle for survival begins.

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Starting Work on Lifeforms

I am starting work on my two player Life game: Lifeforms. Given an initial position, players place lifeforms and see which cells dominate after N generations.

This image is the splash screen during development.

The game is based on Conway’s Game of Life. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conway%27s_Game_of_Life .


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Research on a Two Player Version of Life

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Life Game – first prototype

My first prototype for a two person game of Life. It’s nothing like a game yet, but at least it shows successive generations of life.

I always find these things fun to watch. Now I have to work on the game aspects.

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New World Record in Wing Leader Game

There is a new world record on course 2 in the Wing Leader game.

Wing Leader is a simple racing game for the whole family. Bees race to the hive, collecting nectar from flowers along the way.

On Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wglxy.wingleader

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Good GDC Talk … Before and After the Indiepocalypse

Much to think about here:

If Jason Rohrer is correct, your chance of financial success goes up if your game feels like an “infinite, unique, situation generator”. Consumable games can be fun but don’t keep players engaged over long periods of time (days, weeks, months). Therefore, you are less likely to get word-of-mouth referrals.

My Double Star II game might qualify, to some extent, as this style of game. You are searching for the alien home world in twenty levels of play. It can easily take weeks to save the galaxy.



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New Version of Gomoku League

My Gomoku League game has been updated on Google Play.  The big change in Version 4.0 is the more traditional Gomoku color scheme. The game board is brown and the pieces are black and white.

Short intro video:

Download now: Gomoku League on Google Play

Key features:

  • Four levels of AI players
    The first level is ideal for learning how to play Gomoku. Higher levels test you to see just how good you are.
  • AI versus AI
    Besides playing against the computer, you can pit one AI player against another to see who is the better player.
  • Replay
    Use the Replay screen to study the most recently completed game. Find out what you did right or what you did wrong. Play back or fast forward through the moves of the game.
  • Advice
    Use the Advice module to help you think through your moves.
  • Private league, not online.
    Your competition is right there on your device. No waiting for other players to be online.
  • Standings
    The standings show each player’s record and rating. The rating number is a number like the rating used for chess players. When you win a game, your rating goes up and your opponent’s goes down.


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