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Tridroid Presentation: In-App Purchases for an Android Game

I gave a presentation on August 7 to my local Android developers’ Meetup group, Tridroid. The presentation was on in-app purchases. The following topics were covered.

… In-App Purchases example: Trivial Drive
… Different revenue models for apps
… In-App Billing for Android
… What you should consider for in-app purchases
… How in-app purchases are handled in other apps (Angry Birds, Temple Run, Candy Crush Saga)
… In-app purchases in Double Star
… How many in-app items should you have?
… How do you call the player’s attention to them?
… Pricing considerations
… How to implement In-App Billing
… TrivialDrive example app
… Adapting example to your own app

… Download. If you’d like to download the presentation, the link is in the full article.
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Tridroid – Android Switch Fragment Demo

I gave a presentation last week at my local Android developers’ meetup group, Tridroid. The topic of the meeting was fragments. In my presentation, I described a fragment I built to implement simple switches. The figures below show what the demo app looks like. Links to the full presentation and the demo source code are provided. Continue reading

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Presentation: Play Testing a Space War App

I was the speaker at Tridroid, the Raleigh area Meetup group for Android, on February 7. I talked about play testing and we conducted a short play test session on a game app that I am working on. I hope everyone there enjoyed it as much as I did.

See my previous post for a longer description of the session.

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Play Testing a Space War App

I found a great blog post: “Play testing a game design the low fidelity way”, written by Chris Khoo. It came at a good time for me because I was stuck last year, not making much progress on my Space War app. The reminder about play testing was good, but what helped me the most was the “low fidelity” part.

Chris Khoo’s situation was similar to mine. His goal was to “build a game which casual strategy fans could easily pick up”. The challenges he faced included the “cumbersome user interface” and the problem of “too many commands available to a user at any one point in time”. In his blog post, he describes how he began a redesign and started it with paper and pencil prototypes and old board game pieces.

See the full blog post for more about play testing, low fidelity prototypes, and the test session I am conducting for my new app.
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Gomoku League Presentation at Tridroid

I presented my Gomoku League app at the local Android Meetup group (Tridroid) last night. I talked about the game of Gomoku, the idea for a league app, how I built the app, what I learned, and free versus paid apps. I also announced that a test version of the app was available for download.
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Tridroid Presentation on Building an Android Dashboard UI

I prepared a presentation for the local Android Meetup group. In the presentation I explained and elaborated on my March 2011 blog article: “How to Build a Dashboard User Interface in Android”. A link is provided to the full presentation. Continue reading

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