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New Code for Super Star Trek

There is new code for the Java version of Super Star Trek. The latest changes include improvements in the way events are handled.

See the Wglxy.com download page: http://www.wglxy.com/java-port-of-super-star-trek. Continue reading

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Screenshots from Latest Double Star Beta Release

Here are a few screenshots from the latest beta release of my Double Star game for Android. Double Star is a turn-based space war game in which you must first stop the alien invasion and then search the stars to find their home world and destroy it. … Double Star is available now for Android phones and tablets. To install the beta test version of the Double Star game, do one of the following: … Continue reading

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Update – Java Version of Super Star Trek

I have updated the Java code for my port of the old Super Star Trek game. I first wrote about this about a year ago. See “Java Version of Super Star Trek”.

This update has many bug fixes and enhancements, including support for a deathray, a special kind of beacon planet, an alien home world, and firing phasers and torpedos at up to three targets at once. The new code is available on the SST2k page on Wglxy.com.


Android App. I have built an Android app based on this Java code. The app is more than just destroying alien ships, which is the main objective of Super Star Trek. The app has a storyline about searching the galaxy for the aliens’ home world. If you would like to try that game, more information is available here: Beta Test for Double Star.

SST2k website. The website where I originally found the C code for Super Star Trek is no longer around. I did locate the original SST2k manual in one of the places that caches old web pages. See SST2k game instructions.

Review on Space Game Junkie. The old game was recently reviewed on the Space Game Junkie website. That website is a fun place to visit if you like space games. Brian Rubin did a four part series on Super Star Trek. The link to the first of the series is here: Super Star Trek (entry 1). If you like the game, you will undoubtedly enjoy Brian’s entertaining attempt to learn the game. If you visit his Google+ game, you will find a post from me about movement, where I try to explain why his encounters with blackholes are not as unpredictable as he thought. Continue reading

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Java Version of Super Star Trek

I built a version of Super Star Trek in Java. This version of the Star Trek text game is based on the work of the SST2k project.

Star Trek, a text-based computer game, has a long history. It originated back in the 1970’s and there have been many variations of it since then. According to the Wikipedia article on the Star Trek text game, the SST2k project started in 2005. It is based on the C port of Tom Almy, which was done in the early 2000s.

A link to the Java source is provided. Continue reading

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