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Examples of Store Item Activities in Android

This is a follow-up to my previous note about a StoreItemFragment object in Android. That fragment can be used to display items in a store. My plan is to use this fragment for purchases made in a game with virtual currency and to use it so a player can make an in-app purchase using real money to purchase game coins. Continue reading

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Android Fragment for an Item in a Store

I am working on a game that has items that players can buy from a store. I needed a way to display the list of items on the screen. I am using a StoreItemFragment to display them on the screen. In this blog post, I describe a demo app that I built that uses the fragment in a list of items for sale.
Each item for sale has a picture, a description, and a button to push to make the purchase. The image next to the purchase button indicates the currency used for the payment. In this demo, players pay in gold coins or crystals. I plan to use this Fragment for purchases made in the game with virtual currency, and I will use it with a second activity where the player can start an in-app purchase using real money to purchase game coins.

(Note: This is an excerpt of the blog article. Click the link for the full article, which includes screenshots, detailed explanations, and a link to the full source code.) Continue reading

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