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Latest Double Star Release

The latest Double Star release provides the full game experience: (1) training at the academy; (2) saving our planet from the alien invasion; (3) searching the galaxy for the enemy home world. Twenty levels are available for play. There are mysteries, challenges, and rewards along the way.

If you have not moved over to the new Double Star community, here is the link: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/113741436953313178716

For more about the app, see the earlier blog article on Double Star. Continue reading

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Double Star Android Game – Beta Version

Double Star is a turn-based, single player, space war game for Android. The app is now available for prerelease testing on Android phones and tablets. If you join the Double Star Beta community on Google+, you will be able to install the app from the Google Play store. …

Storyline –

Our world is under attack from an invading alien force. You want to join the fight. So you join StarFleet Academy to learn to command a starship. When training completes, you are given command of a very powerful starship. You must stop the invasion now. Multiple battles later, you stop the invaders. …

After the invasion is over, you learn that our world is safe, but the threat is still
out there somewhere.Your mission then is to discover a path through the galaxy that
takes you to the alien home world. You must destroy them and stop the threat
once and for all. Continue reading

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New demo video for Starship app

Your chance to save the galaxy. Preview on Youtube: http://youtu.be/FCRaXHVaUcs Continue reading

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Improved Play Screen in Starship App

The latest alpha test version is out for my Starship game app on Android. The big improvement is the new action bar along the top of the screen. Status bars show the energy level of the ship and shield strength. Time left, enemy count, damages, and speed are also shown. The new status indicators provide better feedback as you play. Continue reading

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In-app Billing in an Android Space War Game

I am writing a series of articles about how to implement in-app billing for an Android game app. I will get that started by telling you something about the game app I am working on and how in-app purchases tie in to upgrades within the game. …

Starship is a turn-based, single player, space war game. You command a very powerful starship. Your mission is to find and destroy alien starships that have invaded the galaxy. … As you play the game, you earn gold coins. The coins can be used to purchase items that improve your capabilities. …

This is the first of a set of articles. Topics covered:
suggestions on how to get started with the TrivialDrive demo program from the Android Developers website;
adapting the TriviaDrive demo to your own application;
tips and suggestions for testing in-app billing;
how to implement your own Upgrades screen;
different ways to invite players to upgrade. Continue reading

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More Mobile Enemy in Starship App

For those of you who are following the progress of my Starship game app for Android, here is a short update. The latest alpha test version of the Android app is out. Version 0.93 features a more mobile enemy fleet. At level 1, the enemy move when a Commander ship is nearby. After level 1, all enemy ships move. Leaderboards are working again. Sign in to Google+ to use them. Touch Leaders on the Menu screen after you get through training. … The latest demo video is on Youtube. See http://youtu.be/Mzyki5bRapY. … To try the app, visit the Google+ community at https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/115658449045254039682.
Continue reading

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Lessons from Angry Birds: My Thoughts on Android Game Tutorials

I would like share a few thoughts about designing tutorials for an Android game app. The game, which is a space war game, is not extremely complex but there is enough there that a casual player might have trouble getting started. Commanding a starship is, after all, not a simple task.

In this article, I will tell you what I did about that problem. I will tell you about what I learned about game tutorials from Angry Birds and how I built that into my own app. Continue reading

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