Double Star in Indie Corner on Google Play

My Double Star game is in the new Indie Corner section of games on Google Play. The Indie Corner is a new section where they feature games from small, independent game developers.


Take a look: Indie Corner.

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Alien Commander to Appear in Rocket Rascal

The Alien Commander character in Double Star is making a guest appearance in the upcoming Rocket Rascal game from Brian Sowers at Animal Farm Creations. Rocket Rascal is expected to be out in early July. It is an action/arcade style game that features characters from other games.

Here’s what the Alien Commander looks like in Rocket Rascal.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 12.10.52 PM(Click image to see announcement on Tumblr)

The Alien Commander of Double Star, as it appears on the Defeat screen in Double Star,  looks like this.


There is a lot of information about the new game on the Rocket Rascal Tumblr page, so check it out. Here’s a link to one of the game play videos there.




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Improved Double Star

If you are having trouble finishing the really difficult levels (5, 9, 11), the new version of Double Star should help. Changes:
(1) your ship starts out with 10% more energy and stronger shields;
(2) your ship starts out with 12 photon torpedoes;
(3) the time to complete a mission is longer;
(4) a problem with the enemy tractor beams was fixed.


Get version 1.1.1 from the Google Play Store. See

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More on the Thirty Second Hook

With so many games out there, you have to hook players right away. Double Star has a setting that let’s you choose between short and long training. My hope was that the short training would get players into the real game faster. Any thoughts? Did it work for you?

More on the “thirty second hook” here: The Thirty Second Hook and Double Star.

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Double Star game for Android

Many of you know that I have been working on an Android game. Well, it took me almost 4 years, but it’s finally done. Yay!

The game is called Double Star. It is a space war game — you against the aliens. The game is turn-based, which means you get a turn, then the aliens get a turn. It’s not a game where your reaction time matters. Here’s a little preview video:

Double Star is available in the Google Play store, if you would like to try it. Here is the link:google-play-badge-bordered-half-size
It’s free so don’t worry about money … just worry about those pesky aliens.


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New Code for Super Star Trek

There is new code for the Java version of Super Star Trek. The latest changes include improvements in the way events are handled.

Moving in Super Star Trek

See the download page:

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Screenshots from Latest Double Star Beta Release

Here are a few screenshots from the latest beta release of my Double Star game for Android. Double Star is a turn-based space war game in which you must first stop the alien invasion and then search the stars to find their home world and destroy it.

ds-story-save-our-worldds-message-from-admiralds-play-01ds-message-after-dockingds-constellation-02ds-story-find-the-alien-worldds-defeat ds-leaderboards-and-saved-games

Play Double Star

Double Star is available now for Android phones and tablets. To install the beta test version of the Double Star game, do one of the following:

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