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New Trailer Video for Double Star Game

I have a new trailer video for my Double Star game. Double Star is a turn-based, single player, space war game. Take a look: Continue reading

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Alien Commander to Appear in Rocket Rascal

The Alien Commander character in Double Star is making a guest appearance in the upcoming Rocket Rascal game from Brian Sowers at Animal Farm Creations. Rocket Rascal is expected to be out in early July. It is an action/arcade style game that features characters from other games. …

Here’s what the Alien Commander looks like in Rocket Rascal. … Continue reading

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More on the Thirty Second Hook

With so many games out there, you have to hook players right away. Double Star has a setting that let’s you choose between short and long training. My hope was that the short training would get players into the real game faster. Any thoughts? Did it work for you?

More on the “thirty second hook” here … Continue reading

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Double Star game for Android

Many of you know that I have been working on an Android game. Well, it took me almost 4 years, but it’s finally done. Yay!

The game is called Double Star. It is a space war game — you against the aliens. The game is turn-based, which means you get a turn, then the aliens get a turn. It’s not a game where your reaction time matters. Here’s a little preview video:

Double Star is available in the Google Play store. Continue reading

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Screenshots from Latest Double Star Beta Release

Here are a few screenshots from the latest beta release of my Double Star game for Android. Double Star is a turn-based space war game in which you must first stop the alien invasion and then search the stars to find their home world and destroy it. … Double Star is available now for Android phones and tablets. To install the beta test version of the Double Star game, do one of the following: … Continue reading

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Fix to Double Star, Level 6

The latest update of Double Star fixes Level 6. For fun, for those of you who already finished that level, you might want to go back and try again. You can get to some of the alien starships, but not all of them. So you have that to figure out. And watch out if the tractor beam gets you and pulls you into the the cluster of alien ships. Certain death awaits. Continue reading

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