Wing Leader – The Olympics for Bees

With the Winter Olympics on now, what better time to try the Wing Leader game on Android.

Wing Leader is a simple racing game for the whole family. Bees race to the hive, collecting nectar from flowers along the way. You race an AI bee on four different courses, but compete worldwide on time. Your goal is to be the fastest bee in the world … the Wing Leader.

The game is available on Google Play.  Click here:

In Wing Leader, speed is not the only factor in winning. Being first to the hive does not guarantee victory in a race. Your bee must collect nectar from flowers along the way. The hive expects a full load of nectar to be delivered. Anything less than that and penalty time will be added to your finish time. The winner of the race is the bee with the lowest adjusted time.

Wing Leader racing is a bit like certain Olympic events that combine time and bonus or penalty time. In the Biathlon in the Winter Olympics, for example, if an athlete misses a target at the shooting range, they are penalized either by adding a minute to their time or by having to ski a penalty loop. In Wing Leader, a 5-second penalty is added to the finish time for each unit of nectar under the expected nectar of 10 units.

To be Wing Leader, your bee has to be the fastest bee in the world. On the screen, it is you against an AI bee, but what’s really important is your time, relative to other people playing the game. Check the leaderboards to see where you stand on each of the four courses. Then check the Wing Leader leaderboard. The bee with the lowest, average time across all courses is the Wing Leader.

In this way, Wing Leader is similar to the Olympic skiing events in which there is a combined score of two or more different events to determine the winner.

Wing Leader is fun for all ages. Adults and children will enjoy the challenge. Your bee visits flowers to collect nectar and avoids obstacles and enemies. Wasps and spiders are particularly annoying, and frogs … well, frogs are always amusing, but they can get in the way.

Children as young as five can play and have fun. For them, it is not about competition. They will enjoy collecting nectar and getting to the finish line ahead of the AI bee. The controls are simple and consist of buttons for Up, Down, Slower, and Faster.

Your overall game experience is better when you sign in with your Google id. You will be able to see up-to-the-minute world record times within the game and on the game leaderboards. You will know exactly where you stand in your quest for the Wing Leader title.
However, you are not required to sign in. You may also play offline. If you play without signing in, there will still be world record times displayed to you, but they won’t be current. The times shown will be the records as of the time the app was last updated.

Do not worry about ads and in-app products. There are none. Just play the game and have fun.

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Wing Leader on Google+


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