More Mobile Enemy in Starship App

For those of you who are following the progress of my Starship game app for Android, here is a short update. The latest alpha test version of the Android app is out. Version 0.93 features a more mobile enemy fleet. At level 1, the enemy move when a Commander ship is nearby. After level 1, all enemy ships move. Leaderboards are working again. Sign in to Google+ to use them. Touch Leaders on the Menu screen after you get through training.

To try the prerelease version of the app, go to the Google+ community and click the “Join” link:

Try the Double Star app (Updated: August 2, 2014)

Please note that improved graphics are on the way.

The latest demo video is on Youtube.

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About Bill Lahti

Bill Lahti is a software engineer building mobile applications and knowledge management solutions. Two of his interests are writing for this blog and building Android apps, with strategy games being an area of particular interest.
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