Authenticated access from an iPhone

I have been working on the problem of connecting to a GAE application from an iPhone. Working through examples from the “iPhone SDK Development” was going well, but now I have hit a snag. It seems that some of the code on the iPhone side does not work as expected.

Method connection:didReceiveAuthenticationChallenge of NSURLConnection is not being called. It seems that several other people have had this problem. It is described very well here:  There’s discussion there of a workaround that no longer works.

So maybe it’s time for my own workaround. What I see coming back from a test request is the login form from Google for an appspot application. I wonder if I could look for that form in the response and when it is there redirect my iPhone app to display that in a UIWebView.


About Bill Lahti

Bill Lahti is a software engineer building mobile applications and knowledge management solutions. Two of his interests are writing for this blog and building Android apps, with strategy games being an area of particular interest.
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